• What is It

    U2 Cloud Workspaces - It's your very own private Windows PC, that you can connect to from anywhere on the planet. Jump from tablet to laptop to phone and keep working without missing a beat.

    Run the latest versions of your favorite applications without being tied to a single PC!  Enjoy applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Intuit Quickbooks and many more for less than $1 a day. 

  • The Horsepower

    U2 Cloud servers provide all the horsepower so your system doesn't have to. Smartphones, Tablets and even older computers can enjoy the latest applications with blazing fast performance.

    Enjoy the richest user experience, unparalled performance and peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure replicated to multiple US datacenters. 

  • Latest Offerings

    AutoCAD 2014

    Windows 8.1 

    Office 2013 


    QuickBooks 2014 Premier

    Adobe Creative Suite 6

    Sage ACT 50