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Transforming the classroom by creating remote workstations, flexible and collaborative learning spaces while reducing costs and embracing mobility.


Seamlessly and securely uniting learning and productivity apps, data and services through:


  • Access & Connectivity
  • Remote & Collaborative Learning
  • Safe & Secure Platform
  • Improving IT Efficiency and Agility


U2CLoud Mobile Ready Campus Solutions

Access and Connectivity

  • Securely deliver apps, services and data anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Assign digital content, educational materials and other educational resources as appropriate to the student, instructor, or parents/caregivers with proper access rights.
  • Expand the horizons of your institution (beyond walls and locations)

Safe & Secure Platform

  • Centralized security for access management and control across all virtual desktops, apps, devices, and data. Ensuring all instructors, faculty and students access rights are confined to the right content regardless of being on campus or off.
  • Centralized updating, management, and compliance to ensure currency against cyber threats and intrusion.
  • All virtual desktops, apps, and data remain in your virtual-datacenter, in the cloud. Promoting privacy and protecting against data-loss or device theft.


Remote & Collaborative Learning

  • Microsoft Teams brings together remote students, instructors and resources all in one place for interactive collaboration.


Improving IT Efficiency and Agility

  • Centralized IT lowers the cost to deliver apps, updates and maintenance
  • Rapid provisioning for semester fluctuations and seasonal peaks
  • Efficiently handle drop/adds during the Admissions Process

Microsoft Teams Communications Hub

  • Bring together teams and resources all in one place. Sharing screens, documents, presentation, and learning instances with all students simultaneously.
  • Support ‘Channels’ for discrete collaboration within unique groups, customers or teams.
  • Persistent workplace chat to stay in constant communication.


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