Desktop-as-a-Service (“DaaS”) enables a centralized desktop strategy allowing for quick and secure access to applications and desktops. Desktop’s can be accessed from any network- connected device, including new PCs, older hardware, and thin clients. In addition, all data and applications are stored centrally, ensuring a higher level of data security and helping simplify regulatory compliance. We utilize the only desktop virtualization solution to be Common Criteria/NIAP certified multiple times, meeting federal security requirements including FIPS PUB 140-2 for encryption and HSPD-12 for secure authentication.
With Desktop-as-a-Service with U2Cloud, screen images are streamed to the user while keyboard and mouse input are sent back to the server. When using U2Cloud’s vGPU services, you can present users with an entire desktop environment or just the individual applications. Data is centrally stored and can be accessed by hosted virtual desktops or SaaS applications. From a user perspective, these applications are integrated seamlessly. They look, feel and behave like local applications.

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