Microsoft Azure Backup

Simple and reliable cloud integrated backup as a service 

Microsoft Backup-as-a-Service

Archive on-premise data to the cloud

  • Compelling cloud-base backup alternative to tape
  • Secure and reliable Backup-as-a-Service
  • Efficient and flexible online backup services


Get the peace of mind knowing your data is safe

Efficient & flexible online backup services

Turn on Azure Backup in the Azure portal to immediately backup and restore Azure SQL Database, individual files, folders, and entire VMs. Continuously track your assets with dynamic reports.

Cost Savings

Azure Backup is simple because it’s built into the platform. It has one-click backup support for SQL database and virtual machines running in Azure. Azure Backup is cost-effective and less complex than other cloud backup solutions while keeping your data safe from ransomware and human errors.

Secure and reliable Backup-as-a-Service

Enable multifactor authentication using a security PIN from the Azure portal. Suspicious cloud backup activities prompt a notification, and unauthorized deleted backups are retained for up to 14 days while your data is encrypted by default.

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