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U2Cloud for Law Firms

Cloud Solutions for law firms provide your law firm the ability to save time, reduce costs, and increase confidence with the highest level of security.

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Working Remote

Working Remote


Simple is Better


Hosted Desktops

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Let U2Cloud host your Law Firm’s solution to maximize productivity and job satisfaction.


• Allow legal staff to work securely around-the-clock, from any location on their device of choice.

• Provide Legal teams secure access and edit capability while at the customer site or the courthouse.

• Simplified collaboration of contracts and documents; whether with internal colleagues or external partners, no matter where they are.

• Easily manage all your contracts using a central repository. Managing changes and contract approvals all in a secure, central repository.

• Increase Attorney satisfaction and productivity with centralized digital documents & easy-to-use document search functionality.

• Ensure only employees with proper authorization have access to sensitive data.

• Adapt quickly to workforce changes including advisory-access, new hires and terminations.

Enhance the Efficiency, Flexibility, and Security of your Law Firm

Security, Compliance & Business Continuity

  • By keeping your data secure “in the cloud”, your company maintains consistent control over business-critical information, protecting valuable intellectual property and complying with regulatory mandates.
  • In the event of disruption, the same infrastructure supporting your organization’s routine operations, ensures business continuity.

Business Agility &

  • Adapt quickly to workforce changes including; temporary external advisory access, new hires and terminations.
  • Easily manage all contracts in a central repository with easy-to-use document search capability.
  • Affordable pay-as-you-go solutions.


Employee Productivity & Customer Satisfaction

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by allowing employees to be responsive to the customer wherever they are, at any time including mobile devices.
  • U2Cloud Law Firm solutions maximize productivity and customer satisfaction by enabling accountants, auditors, and staff to work anywhere from any device.



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