Problems with dropped VoIP calls, repeated requests for user authentication and slow response times can cause employee frustration, an inability to get the job done, and a sizable increase in support related costs. For your organization to run at full speed, users must be able to access critical applications that are both secure and simple to use.

Many of these challenges described are related to network performance. Application delivery controllers (ADCs) assist you in achieving optimal performance and availability for Microsoft applications by managing, prioritizing and directing the flow of data across the network.

An ADC sits between the network router and servers, acting as an air traffic controller for all traffic. By seamlessly analyzing and authenticating incoming user traffic, ADCs can prioritize applications and deliver an enhanced experience for users – for example, giving higher priority for higher bandwidth needs such as voice calls utilizing Skype for Business or video streaming through a SharePoint portal than retrieving email from Exchange. The speed and performance of Microsoft applications is increased up to five times faster for the end user, which may result in greater efficiencies and improved business productivity.


Embrace the cloud with confidence – without giving up control or the security of your users credentials

With employees working remotely and on-the-run, they need reliable, secure access to Office 365 wherever they are. Maintain the security and control you need when sensitive information enters the cloud while providing an easy, fast way for users to sign in with a single password using built-in SSO authentication. With ADC’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) reverse proxy authentication, passwords are kept where they belong – in your network – not in the cloud, meaning you don’t need to rely on separate usernames and passwords to control employee access to Office

O365. Dynamic access control policies including endpoint device scanning and micro-VPNs help apply the appropriate level of access and control that you need



Collaborate and stay connected wherever you are with crystal clear voice and video on Skype for Business 

Voice and video conferencing with Skype for Business helps keep everyone connected and provides an enhanced collaborative experience for meetings and employee engagement – no matter the location. With ADC’s, IT can easily manage business communications endpoints, including desk phones, mobile phones, and Live Meeting videoconferencing systems.

Installed locally or delivered virtually, users can enjoy clear voice and video for VoIP calls and video even over slow WAN, weak or public Wi-Fi and mobile connections. Furthermore, advanced authentication and on premise Active Directory helps keep data secure.



100% availability to your SharePoint sites – with a single, secure click

When employees can access exactly what they need, when they need it – they’re more productive. SharePoint connects employees across enterprises and improves collaboration and organization of information. ADC’s ensures Microsoft SharePoint sites are always available with 65 percent faster connections from any location and over any network. Employees can get to work faster with a secure, single sign-on to access all of their applications – and they won’t even worry about their data plan when accessing remotely, thanks to average SharePoint data compression of 78.31 percent and faster  downloads.


Selecting the proper ADC to front-end your Microsoft applications ensures optimal performance, reliability and productivity within a single solution, capable of accelerating application delivery by up to 5x faster.