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Working Remote

Working Remote


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Hosted Desktops

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Consolidate desktop and application virtualization for students and faculty into a single solution.


  • Virtual Labs (vLAB) by U2Cloud empowers students with virtualized instances of their application and desktops previously only available at onsite physical labs
  • Virtualize graphics-intensive engineering and math programs for efficient, centralized management with high-end 3D-graphics
  • Apps & data remain in the virtual-datacenter promoting compliance, data-protection & student privacy while protecting against data-loss or device theft
  • Get your virtual lab up & running quickly at an affordable cost
  • Predictable pay-as-you-go monthly billing

U2CLoud’s Virtual Lab Solution

Learning Space Redesign

  • Transform traditional classroom and learning environments into collaborative, innovative work spaces that provide the freedom and flexibility to work and study from a variety of devices and locations.

Learning Continuity

  • Minimize learning disruptions and lost time with remote access technologies that facilitate mobile learning environments and keep students engaged – even when going to class is not an option.

Anywhere Access

  • Promote independent, exploratory learning by providing secure, anytime access to educational materials, resources and collaborative tools. At any time on or off campus.

Bring Your Own Device

  • Embrace the freedom of device choice for a more flexible, cost effective solution using student owned devices.
  • Making educational resources available remotely for students, educators and Staff.

The Solution

U2Cloud’s Virtual Lab (vLAB) solution consist of pay-as-you-go cloud services including virtual DaaS, IaaS, SaaS, app stores & Single Sign-on (SSO) to deliver the next generation of lab environments.

Users simply launch a web browser and connect to their cloud services over an encrypted connection.

Upon login, the user is then presented with their virtual desktop(s) and applications based on their individual access rights.

Users then choose to launch their desktop and available applications.

U2Cloud’s vLAB solution includes a custom built app store for deploying apps to individual students. Even graphics intensive apps used by mathematics, architectural, and engineering departments.

With Just a few mouse clicks, instructors can deploy a full computer lab environment; securely and seamlessly to any student-owned capable device or cost effective thin client.

Whether you choose to empower your instructors or select IT administrators, the day-to-day management is streamlined for ready-deployment, while retaining final approval rights and auditing.


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