Empower Business and Learning Continuity with Virtualization Solutions from U2Cloud and Citrix

How can you make education easier? How can it be more obtainable for students, more powerful for educators and simpler for IT departments? By making it easier to access the resources each group needs to provide a student-centric learning experience.

Students have embraced mobile technologies to work and learn wherever and whenever it fits their schedules, their lives, and their families. Educators are incorporating advanced software and online presentation and collaboration tools into their curriculum. And IT providers are using app and desktop virtualization solutions to deliver anytime, anywhere access to educational tools on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The expansion of mobile devices and wireless networks has especially changed business and learning continuity plans. Educational institutions are now able to provide unhindered access to learning and teaching resources for students and educators during schedule disruptions such as weather-related cancelations, illness, athletic events, and personal events.

When students and educators can’t travel or otherwise reach campus to participate in live lectures and labs, remote access solutions give them the opportunity to continue the learning process wherever they are and with whatever devices they have.

By taking a holistic approach to the educational access process and enabling students to remain productive with remote access to lecture videos and slideshows, collaboration tools, and virtual desktops on any device, anywhere, and at any time, institutions are breaking down educational access barriers and increasing the chances for life-changing learning experiences.

U2Cloud can provide the IT expertise and tools you need to mobilize your campus and deliver secure access to the applications and desktops students, administrators, educators and staff need. And not only will you change how your students get the materials they’ll use for successful educational outcomes, you will also provide a more agile and efficient IT campus infrastructure with:

  • Centralized deployment of applications and desktops
  • Consolidated deployment of security updates and patches, OS updates
  • Lower costs by extending the lives of legacy apps and older hardware
  • Locked-down data security because it’s all kept in the data center

To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from U2Cloud visit www.u2cloud.com/education where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Contact U2Cloud

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