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Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops

  • The best virtual desktop experience, delivered on Azure (Formerly Windows Virtual Desktop)
  • Let U2Cloud be your Azure Virtual Desktop Solution Provider

Empower your employees with Azure Virtual Desktop

Best user experience.  Azure Virtual Desktop helps employees do their best work by providing them with a familiar desktop experience and productivity tools they already know, Azure Virtual Desktop + Office 365.

Modernize your workforce.  Employees can take their work with them, wherever they go. They can access their desktop and apps on any device, for a secure and portable experience—on the tarmac, in the coffee shop, or at the beach.

Secure by design. Azure Virtual Desktop comes with the security of Azure. Easily assign roles, grant permissions, and manage secure sign-on through Azure AD.

Superior economics.  Currently using a desktop virtualization solution? Reduce compute costs without sacrificing user experience. Azure Virtual Desktop provides a native Windows 10 experience, at the cost of traditional remote desktop services. It’s the best of both worlds!

Why U2Cloud?  We provide the services and expertise to fill any gaps and optimize your Windows 365 experience. When you license through U2Cloud, we become your front-line of support and you become U2Cloud’s priority.

U2Cloud is the perfect partner for your Azure Virtual Desktop deployment

Best user experience.

  • Azure Virtual Desktop is designed to work with Office 365.
  • Office 365 containers enable fast load times for user files. Files automatically load to virtual desktops, so employees can quickly access important information from any eligible device. *

Empower employees to be productive on the go.

  • With Azure Virtual Desktop users can securely work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Employees can use their favorite devices** to access their desktop environment and transition easily from the office to the field.

Enhanced security and simplified management

  • Azure Virtual Desktop was born in the cloud. This means that security features like secure sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication come standard.
  • With Azure Virtual Desktop, it’s simple to assign user access based on role. So you can restrict sensitive customer information and still allow employees access to the files they need.

Superior economics.

  • Use your Microsoft 365 or qualifying Windows 10 licenses and deploy Azure Virtual Desktop with no additional licensing costs.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop is the only way to get Windows 10 multi-session pricing for compute resources.

*High-speed internet is required. ISP fees may apply
**Must be a qualified device


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