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Q: What is U2Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)?


U2Cloud DaaS is a fully managed cloud-based desktop service which provides the resources required to operate cloud-based desktops such as compute resources, storage and software applications. U2Cloud DaaS enables a centralized desktop strategy that allows for quick and secure access to applications and desktops-acccessible from any network-connected device, including new PCs, older hardware and thin clients. U2Cloud DaaS allows for a seamless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.


Q: Will my applications work within the U2Cloud hosted infrastructure?


U2Cloud offers a Windows Desktop which ensures compatibility with 99% of all Windows based software applications. If software applications work on a Windows 7/8 computer then we can host it! We currently host and support hundreds of Windows based applications.

• Accounting applications such as Intuit QuickBooks, MAS 90 & Peach Tree Accounting;

• CRM Solutions such as ACT CRM, SalesForce, Microsoft CRM and OasisCRM

• Business Applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and Acrobat reader.

• Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications such as MDLogic, Appmed, Lytec & Medisoft If you have a specific question regarding applications, feel free to contact our sales team for more information.


Q: Do I need to have a minimum number of users?


Yes, a minimum of 10 users is required for the Windows 7 or Windows 8 Experience utilizing Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012R2. Due to Microsoft’s licensing requirements, a minimum of 50 users is required to deliver Windows 7/8 Desktop OS’s.


Q: Can I change plans at any time?


Yes, you can change plans for any user at any time.


Q: Can I mix and match plans for different users?


Yes, different users can be on different plans. For example, two users can be on the Basic Desktop plan, four users on the Standard Desktop plan and six users on the Premium Desktop plan. You can easily change any user’s plan at any time.


Q: Can I create a custom image?


No, to maintain our security standards, our offerings include the overall management of the OS and base applications. If you have custom applications, we can virtualize them and add them to your image(s).


Q: Can I install my own applications into my U2Cloud Desktop?


Yes, we offer several tiered offerings that provide the flexibility to install individual applications in the Desktop. This functionality depends on the bundles selected.


Q: Do you offer file or directory servers to house my data?


Yes, we offer File Servers to store your data and provide additional functionality such as Active Directory, Basic SQL Databases, Microsoft Key Management Services and Thin Client Device Managers.


Security & Maintenance


Q: How secure is U2Cloud?


U2Cloud’s infrastructure is located inside three geographically dispersed data centers that have redundant power, network infrastructure and environmental control. Sophisticated systems ensure state-of-the-art Internet security, configuration management, domain and DNS management, backup and restore. Network, hardware and software are monitored 24×7, with 24×7 help desk available to resolve support issues. A pool of redundant servers and hardware components are on hand within the data center to quickly recover from any hardware failure. Data is backed up and stored offsite periodically.


Our utilization of Unified Threat Management (UTM) security services for cloud computing, allows us to build a robust barrier between individual U2Cloud hosted infrastructures and the rest of the environment. Our UTM services are specifically designed to filter out threats at the network level and mitigate attacks long before they can reach users. You can read the latest information in our Security Statement.


Q: How are U2Cloud’s Desktops protected from malware/viruses?


Our services utilize three stages of protection. The first line consists of Layer 7 Application Firewalls that constantly inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for security threats. Secondly, we use malware/virus protection at the hypervisor level and the third layer is provided within the Workspace OS.


Q: Is there a regularly scheduled maintenance window?


Yes, due to the nature of this technology, we reboot all Workspaces and services once a week to keep performance optimal. The Workspaces are rebooted during a four hour period between 0000-0400 (time windows are based on the region your Workspaces resides) each Sunday morning.


Q: How is user access to U2Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) managed?


Access to users is done through the Customer Portal or on-premise Active Directory. To disable/Enable user access, login to the Customer Portal or access the existing on premise integrated Active Directory infrastructure.


Q: What is your SLA or uptime guarantee?


Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 99.99% uptime. We guarantee that your services are available 99.99% of the time or we will give you a refund. Read more on our SLA here.


Q: Who has access to my data?


Only authorized users have access to files. U2Cloud backups are encrypted, ensuring no unauthorized access to sensitive data.


Q: Is U2Cloud compliant with industry security requirements?


U2Cloud services has the proper technology deployment capable of supporting several business regulatory security requirements. Many of the compliance disciplines have common requirements offered by our solution. Such items as Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Backup Management, Application Updates, Disaster Recovery, Firewall Management, Log Monitoring, Network Access Control, Network Documentation, Operating System Updates, Physical Access Security, Secure Sharing and many others are provided to our subscribers.


U2Cloud offers a huge jump start by laying a technical foundation that follows best practice across all of the compliance disciplines. If there’s a specific compliancy that you have questions about contact our sales team for a comprehensive analysis.


Q: Does U2Cloud integrate with my Active Directory?


U2Cloud provides the choice of creating a standalone, managed directory for users who use U2Cloud DaaS. On-premises Active Directory integration is available so users can use their existing credentials to obtain seamless access to corporate resources. This integration works via a secure SSL connection to your on-premises network using ADSync.




Q: What is the cost of  U2Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)?


U2Cloud pricing is primarily based on total number of concurrent users who have access to the Workspaces during any given month. Additional infrastructure and software offerings can be turned-up or reduced at any time. Please contact our sales team for pricing.


Q: What is included in the monthly fee?


A complete turnkey implementation along with everything needed to get up and running. Microsoft licensing, security, anti-virus, firewall and any additional software requested. Billing is calculated on a monthly basis and any Workspace accessed for that month will incur the monthly recurring charge. Please speak to an account representative for more details and other support offerings.


Q: Does the U2Cloud DaaS pricing include bandwidth charges?


The subscription includes the bandwidth between the user’s endpoint and the Workspace in addition to the user’s outbound bandwidth from the Workspace. If VPN access to on-premise or cloud provider data is required, then an extra charge for those services can be assessed.


Q: What happens to a workspace if a user is disabled?


The desktop data and information remains and is billable until the workspace has been de-provisioned in the Customer Portal. Once de-provisioned the only billable services is data associated with that workspaces, unless data is removed, deleted or transferred to another provider.




Q: How much bandwidth do I need per desktop?


The typical Workspace users consumes about 64k between their endpoint and the Workspace per session. Simply multiply the number of users by 64k to better understand your basic bandwidth requirements. Advanced “high use” users will require more bandwidth than Simple “low use” users.


Q: What if I need access to on-premise data or resources?


For a fee, U2Cloud offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to any facility who has the capability to support such a connection. This could be a corporate/branch office or any current cloud provider.


Q: What happens if the Internet goes down?


If you should lose Internet connectivity, access to our basic offerings will be unavailable. U2Cloud offers a disconnected or transient user solution which can be added to via subscription. Certain limitations may apply. Please ask your sales representative for more details.


Q: Is U2Cloud Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) accessible from outside the USA?


Access to Workspaces is possible from any capable device with Internet access around the world.


Q: How do I transfer files from a local computer, to a hosted desktop?


Transferring files is as easy as cutting and pasting or dragging and dropping. We ensure that you always have access to your files for any transfers 24/7. This feature can also be disabled for security purposes.


Q: What devices can I use to access applications?


Smartphone’s, tablets, PC’s, Macs, thin clients, televisions and any capable internet connected device.


Printing & Devices


Q: Can I print to a local printer from my U2Cloud Desktop?


Printer to a pre-configured printer on the local PC is possible by selecting local printer from the print menu dialog. This includes direct attached devices and network printers. With Mac OSX, printing is enabled via the HP Color LaserJet PS driver. Cloud printing services are a good option for unsupported Mac OSX & Tablet devices.


Q: Can I utilize cloud printing services from my desktop?


Yes, you can use cloud printing services such as Google Cloud Print, Cortado, HP, Samsung and many more.


Q: Can I access other local devices like scanners and USB drives?


Depending on the desktops security policy, users can access local devices such as USB drives and USB devices based on native Windows driver functionality.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]